Monday, November 07, 2011

Pamcake Drawing Dump 

Newest are towards the top :)!


 Day of the Dead related drawings from drawing group.
The theme for this week was an illustration of a song. We each drew a few and tried to guess what each others were. Was pretty fun. Realized I need to listen to more music.
Swamp thing, taking a moment to smell the flowers.
The chef requested we draw retro game characters. I did epic Princess Peach :D
Theme was working animals. I took it literally.  
       Liz Sherman.
 Abe Sapien

I updated both my Tumblr and Website today. Website got a face-lift and Tumblr some new(old) photos. I'll re-post this stuff to Tumblr tomorrow, but I think i will leave photos on Tumblr. It's faster :)!

Stay tuned, more to come.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Just a few reposts.

Those updated previously were terrible quality. Also, got a little obsessed with re-editing my portfolio using colour balance layers in photoshop. To think, a few more tweeks years ago and i might have been a tad more happy with the outcome then. 

Also a pamcake cover. Before most cons, comic retailers sell blank covers so you can bring them to conventions and get artists to do covers. We just bought a bunch and drew on them ourselves.

What can I say. I like drawing pinups. :)

----->>>>>> Stay tuned for a website update and upgrade.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am alive. I have had no Internet for a month, thus no updates.

I should have internet soon, so stay tuned.

Apparently when Internet is not around, one is more productive.
Also expect to see a new, simpler website layout!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

A photo or a few...

A few pictures from my trip to Edmonton.

More to come.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Notes on blogging...

The more blogs I read, the more I think that art blogs can be a great source of inspiration for others as well as showcasing your work. I spent a good day or two gaining over Charlie bowater's blog.
She is a fairly frequent poster (and extremely awesome artist) and manages to post not only progress and experiments of her own work, but also photography, inspiration snippets and talks about others blogs. While this isn't an uncommon thing, it sometimes one person that for some reason kind of takes it to a level that makes you think "that makes sense!" Most posts are short and sweet, with just an image and some text, or just text, but it gets straight to the point. She's also really cool about answering people's questions about anything, which is pretty cool.

Those who know me, know i can't do the talking/typing that well. I've been known to write in a way that either makes brains explode or lul even an insomniac to sleep. Look at my first posts on experimenting to know what I mean :p. I think that's what probably the reason I haven't updated the past few months. It was more about documenting the journey (which involved alot of writing) and less about the final product or post. It's ok sometimes, but I got a little caught up with details and it bored even me. I'm sorry. It happens! ><

Also, website updates are irritating....especially when you need to seriously redesign it. So for now it stays the way it is, and I'll be sticking to blogging for now.

'm going to attempt to try to be one of fewer words and more art. I'll probably post more photos as well....I heart my DSLR very much and feel it needs some more love.

Enough talking, without further ado....DRAWRINGS!

A bunch of art from my Tuesday drawing group from the last month and a bit.

Hovershoes with pump-it know you want em! :)

KP as the punisher. He's so bad, he don't need guns! Done on one of the blank con-cover punisher comics.

She-punisher....Enough said.

Random lady.


Peggy Carter from the Captain America movie.

Captain America as the face of Levis....

Think the theme for this was super villians and fast food....

Cozy, MadMax'd!

Play on move titles....Superbad....I had nothing that night.

Doc Doom was the theme. He's emotional when he reads Pretty Women.

Future posts will probably be shorter as Im all caught up with art updates.

Expect photos from the west coast over the next week!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

drawing group drawings....

Drawings from my drawing group.....waiting for the drawings from the last month and a bit though.

I'm alive.....

So heres a small update. I've been painting and drawing fairly regularly lately and will probably be posting more in the near future.

Epic Sailor Moon- Cobra water mixable oils on terra-skin paper (mounted on Masonite)

Originally I started this in order to have something to auction off for Japan relief earlier this year. I got busy with work, and didn't have any time until recently to finish it. My dehumidifier which, turns out if left on, makes water mixable oils not set properly. The end result is a tacky surface which took a month to dry (normally takes a little over a week). Overall I'm happy with it...she looks a little to North american though.

Creepy skull....guy. Kama oils and Kama alkyd butter on Masonite panel.

sugar skull beauties - 1
Tri-art acrylics on arches rough 140lb watercolor paper

1 of 3 paintings I've wanted to do since February of this year. This wad my attempt to get something similar in effect to Eric Fortunes work. He waters down acrylics to the constancy of watercolors and does endless layers to get some really beautiful effects. He does his work on large sheets of arches watercolor paper...probably 300lb cold press or higher as I was getting a lot of rippling with the 140lb rough paper. It took me about a week to finish.

I realized that I used to paint in a slightly similar fashion ( watering down the acrylic to do glazing vs using mediums to do layers), but never that many layers. Allows you to get some really interesting colours when you glaze this way though.

2 more of these to-go. I really love painting sugar skulls....something about them are beautiful to me....more so on pinups. It seems like every tattoo parlor I walk by now has at least a sugar skull tattoo image or painting in the window ( i noticed a few in a shop on queen in the fashion district).

Also, planning a weekly project to get this newish obsession out of my system. I plan on doing a tarot card deck with sugar skulls as the theme.
It's a bought time I started a weekly project. It'll keep me busy and out of trouble....and posting more often here of course. Probably start in a week, so stay tuned!

Well thats something for now....I hope to get some of my more comic-e and marker stuff up soon....waiting for scans.

Until then, TTFN

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Still alive.

Been side tracked by a fee new projects. Hope to post a few by the end of the week!

Stay tuned!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Progress - Aria (oils) - shelved *
Decided to take out the horns and change the background colour. Softened up 
the jaw line. Was getting a bit annoyed with this sitting though...I wanted to work 
wet on wet, but as I tend to work on it over  several sittings, it's a bit harder 
without repainting the entire thing again.
I will probably call it quits on this as it was just a practice piece gone to far. 
Plus way to many other projects to work on. 
I may try to instead bring the painting into corel painter to finish it off, for the sake of 
mixing it up.
We shall see.
Progress - Parisian buildings (oils)* 
Second sitting went well. Only ended up working on the statue image however. 
I like painting the figure so it seems. Was going to work on the actual buildings, 
but as I left my make shift mahl stick ( a wooden dowel with tape on the end) at 
my old work.  Also picked up a small wooden table easel to make it easer to paint
said building as well. It seems it's hard to paint on a flat surface with oils, and 
much easier to on an easel with a mahl stick to steady the hand!
Will probably work on the buildings on Friday or Sunday evening, thus ensuring 
that the statue painting is completely dry.

Progress - Cleopatra - halted and shelved
while I know where my errors on this are, again to many projects, although I do 
want to finish it. I want to refresh myself with some more colour theory before I 
continue, to insure no more paint is wasted :p. 
Progress - Sugar Skull Beauties* 
Reworked the sketches a bit. Trying to be a bit more professional. Trying to 
focus more on composition and having a finished/finalized sketch before I start. 
I'm realizing it saves alot more time then figuring out composition and colour
before starting a piece.
Btw, sta-wet pallete is still wet. Best investment ever if you want to do acrylics. 
Been a few weeks and it's still good.
Anyhow, hope to at least paint in the bg by tomorrow and possibly transfer the 
sketch...probably will lay in with chalk.
Progress - sketchbook*
After many sketchbooks, new and old, I've realized that paper makes or break 
a book. Some are better for inks and others, just pencil. Thing is, i like to do it 
all and have had a hard time finding the best one(s) for the job.
I like moleskine plain paper for just jotting things down. Great for pencil...well, 
light pencil. Sucks for erasing though. Ok with pen, but kinda shows through. 
Generally though, I like the smoothness and ivory coloured paper.
I really like ivory colored paper. 
So, I dropped more money then normal ( although pretty close to the moleskine 
price-point) and got an ivory paper sketchbook by Simon and Burke. 
Best book ever.
The paper is pretty durable despite it being thinner then the thicker mixed 
media pad. Handles washes pretty well, as well as thick/layered pencil crayon 
drawings. Great for colour doughs and more finished drawings.
Want to do a bit more with it, before I show more sketches. 
*Will post pics asap 
Note: been more busy then normal lately so I'm going to be posting only one 
day a week, rather the twice. More content to post that way :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Onto project progress.....

Progress for Aria
Cobra and Winsor Newton Artisan
water-mixable oils on watercolour paper

Added some more white, and fixed the jawline. Still a bit of work to go!

"Sugar" - Pet portrait
Turner watercolours on grey Stonehenge paper.

Progress on belated Christmas Gifts.....still 5/6 to go >_>.

The paper is a bit better with gouache then watercolour. Takes light washes well. Not so good for heavy ones though.

Progress for Parisan buildings and sights.
On Ampersand Gessobord

Transfered images to Ampersand Gessobord. I really like the surface texture...smooth, but not as smooth as Ampersands Claybord. I'm going to be using Cobra Water-soluble oils, and will probably start on Wednesday.

I used 3 different methods of transferring the image.

1. Drawing directly on the panel with pencil, using a photo as reference.

2. I re-drew the image on a seperate piece of paper, and traced it with tracing paper. I then took a piece of chalk pastel and coloured the back of the tracing paper. I then redrew over the tracing paper (with the Ampersand Gessobord behind it), thus transferring the image. Essential I used the chalked-back image as transfer-paper or carbon paper. Its nice if you want to draw the image in advance and don't have any carbon paper around.

3.The grid method. I made a to scale grid on a piece of tracing paper, which I laid over the original photo. I then drew in the grid on the Ampersand panel, and used it as a guide to lay in the image correctly.

Progress (FAIL)
Pelikan Gouache and Faber- Castell Polychromos
Pencils on Ampersand Claybord!

After transferring the image over with chalk (lost quite a bit in the transfer!), I started painting with the gouache. It seemed to sit on the top, which got frustrating. Every time I put down another stroke, it would pick up the one before. This lead to the paint caking, and occasionally being lifted away. Was annoying as this was mostly in the face area. After about an hour of annoyance, I sanded it down a bit, and went over it with Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencil crayons. They are oil based pencil crayons that are really rich and creamy, as well as extremely soft. The seemed to fix it a bit, but not that much.
I think I'm going to scrap this piece and redo it using Bombay Indian inks instead. A co-worker said that it looks amazing, so I'll try it. I'll redo the transfer as this one didn't go that well. I have 2 boards there is some room for error and experimentation yet.

Progress for SugarSkull Beauties (1 of 3)
Tri-Art Acrylics, Golden Mediums on Ampersand Hardbord.

Hoping to also start this tomorrow. I have my new Sta-Wet palette ready to go (best invention since acrylics ><), and am extremely exited to start painting. I got really into acrylics a few months back and was trying to avoid oils....but I love oils and acrylics to much to give either more time over the other.
The Sta-wet palette I purchased (mostly for this painting session), was to try to keep the paint wet longer so I could do a several sitting to stretch it in the same way as oils. I think it might actually work a bit better then the water-mixable, as they dry within a few days of being out in the open, while the Sta-wet palette is still wet after days (closed of course!).

I may update again in the next few days. Will probably have some better shots to as I have a better camera which is over 2mps now -_-!

Till next time....
So, I'm going to be a little bit longer with the next post.

Over the weekend I started a ton of projects, which required more sketching then actual painting. I'll post this weekends sketchings tonight.

I did however (almost) finish a small piece that was meant to be gouache on Ampersand Claybord, that became sanded down gouache, with pencil crayon on looks better then the first atempt, but not happy with it. I should have stuck to inks and watercolours on the board....its just a tad to absorbent for pelikin gouache.

I also started drawing out the 3 paintings based on buildings and sights in Paris.
I transferred them to Ampersand Gessobord using three different methods, which I will post this evening.

On top of that I should have progress pictures for the previous projects I started.

I haven't really worked on the oil study, but have done some work on the portrait of Aria (better cheekbones).

I'll try to post as much as I can this evening, and might even have the Hardbord paintings ready to start!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

NEW PROJECT: Studies based on old painters. Featuring Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

After revisiting Art renewal center , I decided to do a few oil studies using some of there high res images so I could test out my water-mixable oils with different solvents. I did this hoping to learn a few more techniques and just to get back to "painting what you see, not what you think you see." Painting from classical painting is a great way to learn so I've heard, and thus wanted to give it a shot.

I have a lot of work to go on this one. I realized after making this comparison shot, that the proportions are majorly off. I did fix some areas by my second sitting, but the paint was still wet. Not only are the colours off (the original is more pink, not blue), but the safflower oil I was using dulled the paint down considerably. It didnt help I was using the paint on a clear-primed linen canvas, with safflower oil (meant for paler colours)for glazing and laying in the underpainting, which went on much thinner the expected. What should have happened is that I should have done a flat colour (without any safflower oil) for the background, and then go in with the figure. Working this way, might have meant better colours earlier on. Also, this would have meant that the painting would be less shiny at this stage, as safflower oil goes on and drys a bit glossy. The shine makes it difficult to apply colour under certain lighting, which might have also contributed to the more blue vs pink tones.

>>>Next step: Glazing with some pink to get rid of the blue tones....magenta might work.

PROGRESS: Practice portrait of "Aria"

Still working on it. Fixed a few areas around the chin...made her look a bit thinner. Her face looks like its in proportion now!

NEW PROJECT: Painting on Ampersand Hardbord and Masonite...which is better (and the difference)?

So, being a fan of higher quality materials, I decided to tryout Ampersand Hardbord. Ampersand hardbord is an archival sort of Masonite (also known as hardboard, but to avoid confusion will be referred to as Masonite), which is supposed to be better then the cheaper hardboard's on the market. Masonite (according to ampersand) apparently an old brand name, with its common name being hardboard. Ampersand Hardbord is apparently formed in such a way, that it resists warping, can be framed without glass (the thinnest panels they sell) and can support both oil and acrylic grounds.

My first thought was that it looked a lot nicer then the good old Masonite I used in high-school, but never really thought past how long it would last, not that you really care about that when your 18! Even recently, after watching some tutorials by Donato Giancola, I didn't really think of its archival qualities, and he uses the stuff to do full illustrations on. He does however mount the image to the piece of Masonite hes working on, with matte medium, which probably acts as a barrier similar to the sizing ( a co-worker said that matte or gloss mediums can act as sizing agents as well). Apparently though, if painting on just a gesso'd surface on Masonite, the paint could disintegrate and change colour over time.

So, after going to the ampersand website, I learnt that to make their hardbords completely archival (there could still be issues if not properly treated). You first need to apply a sizing agent to the board to help prevent warping as well as seal the wood. I decided to do this to both the Ampersand Hardbord as well as regular old Masonite. Ampersand Hardboard is labeled H and Masonite is labelled M.

The site recommended using Golden Gac-100 or Gamblin pva size. So, I took the advice of the website and bought Golden Gac-100, and followed the directions on the site (add 2 coats, and leave to set for 1-3 days).I decided to go with the Golden Gac-100 mostly because I'm a fan of their mediums, and as I'm paying for archival boards, might as well as follow the directions to get the most out of them.

After the sizing, I did notice that there was some more warping on the regular Masonite board. I used to treat this by painting a giant X with Gesso (warping usually happened while gessoed side was drying) and it usually helped to reverse it.

I will say, I do like the colour of the Ampersand board more. The texture is also smoother. The back doesn't even have the rough, chip board texture of the regular Masonite boards. Generally, it just looks better. It also costs more then Masonite, but not as much as canvas. The major point, is that its archival, so long as you sized it and applied the ground right. Ampersand claims that the process which its produced is different from typical Masonite, to insure that it does stand the test of time.

After 3days of letting the sizing sink into the boards, I gessoed them with Liquitex Clear Gesso.
I started with one horizontal layer, and once dried, a second in random directions in order to create texture.I only did this to one board of each, and gessoed the others normally.

I did however, forget to water down the gesso for the first coat, as suggested by Ampersand. Oh seems to be sticking fine now. Hopefully it won't effect the outcome.


Painting on Masonite (acrylic), Ampersand Hardbord (acrylic) and Ampersand Gessobord (oils).

PROGRESS: Aria and "Finding of Moses"