Saturday, August 13, 2011

Notes on blogging...

The more blogs I read, the more I think that art blogs can be a great source of inspiration for others as well as showcasing your work. I spent a good day or two gaining over Charlie bowater's blog.
She is a fairly frequent poster (and extremely awesome artist) and manages to post not only progress and experiments of her own work, but also photography, inspiration snippets and talks about others blogs. While this isn't an uncommon thing, it sometimes one person that for some reason kind of takes it to a level that makes you think "that makes sense!" Most posts are short and sweet, with just an image and some text, or just text, but it gets straight to the point. She's also really cool about answering people's questions about anything, which is pretty cool.

Those who know me, know i can't do the talking/typing that well. I've been known to write in a way that either makes brains explode or lul even an insomniac to sleep. Look at my first posts on experimenting to know what I mean :p. I think that's what probably the reason I haven't updated the past few months. It was more about documenting the journey (which involved alot of writing) and less about the final product or post. It's ok sometimes, but I got a little caught up with details and it bored even me. I'm sorry. It happens! ><

Also, website updates are irritating....especially when you need to seriously redesign it. So for now it stays the way it is, and I'll be sticking to blogging for now.

'm going to attempt to try to be one of fewer words and more art. I'll probably post more photos as well....I heart my DSLR very much and feel it needs some more love.

Enough talking, without further ado....DRAWRINGS!

A bunch of art from my Tuesday drawing group from the last month and a bit.

Hovershoes with pump-it know you want em! :)

KP as the punisher. He's so bad, he don't need guns! Done on one of the blank con-cover punisher comics.

She-punisher....Enough said.

Random lady.


Peggy Carter from the Captain America movie.

Captain America as the face of Levis....

Think the theme for this was super villians and fast food....

Cozy, MadMax'd!

Play on move titles....Superbad....I had nothing that night.

Doc Doom was the theme. He's emotional when he reads Pretty Women.

Future posts will probably be shorter as Im all caught up with art updates.

Expect photos from the west coast over the next week!

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