Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'm alive.....

So heres a small update. I've been painting and drawing fairly regularly lately and will probably be posting more in the near future.

Epic Sailor Moon- Cobra water mixable oils on terra-skin paper (mounted on Masonite)

Originally I started this in order to have something to auction off for Japan relief earlier this year. I got busy with work, and didn't have any time until recently to finish it. My dehumidifier which, turns out if left on, makes water mixable oils not set properly. The end result is a tacky surface which took a month to dry (normally takes a little over a week). Overall I'm happy with it...she looks a little to North american though.

Creepy skull....guy. Kama oils and Kama alkyd butter on Masonite panel.

sugar skull beauties - 1
Tri-art acrylics on arches rough 140lb watercolor paper

1 of 3 paintings I've wanted to do since February of this year. This wad my attempt to get something similar in effect to Eric Fortunes work. He waters down acrylics to the constancy of watercolors and does endless layers to get some really beautiful effects. He does his work on large sheets of arches watercolor paper...probably 300lb cold press or higher as I was getting a lot of rippling with the 140lb rough paper. It took me about a week to finish.

I realized that I used to paint in a slightly similar fashion ( watering down the acrylic to do glazing vs using mediums to do layers), but never that many layers. Allows you to get some really interesting colours when you glaze this way though.

2 more of these to-go. I really love painting sugar skulls....something about them are beautiful to me....more so on pinups. It seems like every tattoo parlor I walk by now has at least a sugar skull tattoo image or painting in the window ( i noticed a few in a shop on queen in the fashion district).

Also, planning a weekly project to get this newish obsession out of my system. I plan on doing a tarot card deck with sugar skulls as the theme.
It's a bought time I started a weekly project. It'll keep me busy and out of trouble....and posting more often here of course. Probably start in a week, so stay tuned!

Well thats something for now....I hope to get some of my more comic-e and marker stuff up soon....waiting for scans.

Until then, TTFN

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